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Vw T4 2.5Tdi Turbo Downpipe.

Subrange: VW T4 Exhausts


Vw T4 2.5Tdi Turbo down pipe.

This stainless steel down pipes is for people who are doing the bigger power upgrades on the 2.5tdi unit. 

This part will only benefit if you are having a hybrid turbo, injectors front mount intercooler or other hardware mods to take you over the 150bhp area and beyond.

The original vw casting that bolts to the turbo is very restrictive and necks down to around 1.5inch diameter inside.

This pipe is 2.5inch (63.5mm) diameter all the way.

its bolts straight to the turbo housing itself and goes down to join the system with the 3 bolt flange. 

Specifically this item is made to match our 2.5inch T4 system which can be found under our "T4 exhausts"

  • Material: 304 stainless steel

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