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T4 2.5 Inch Single System

Subrange: VW T4 Exhausts

2.5inch (63.5mm) stainless steel exhaust system with dummy cat for the T4 2.5tdi transporter, please note this system is only really suitable if you having a power upgrade above or around 150bhp, so either bigger PP1 injectors, larger intercooler hybrid turbo etc. This is only available as a single system and with either a discreet turn down tail pipe, a oval or twin round tail pipe. Comes with stainless band clamps and new nuts and bolts for the front flange.

This system is made to compliment our T4 2.5tdi performance down pipe also available.

Please could you inform us to which tail pipe and if your T4 is a short or long wheelbase you would like when placing your order.

  • Material: stainless steel

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