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Performance Remapping Experts

We are a long-established performance company that are at cutting edge of the tuning industry. We supply a fully bespoke Engine Management Control system (ECU) software recalibration system that is tailored to each vehicle's individual requirements. We supply a tuning service for most vehicles but we specialise in TDi diesel vehicles, camper vans and cars.

We can optimise your vehicle to a high degree, giving you the best performance possible from any remapping process.

How it works

We are equipped with the latest (ECU) hardware , which enables us to read and write to your vehicle’s engine control unit software. We will gather your vehicle's relevant data, then process this data and create a tuning profile that will be specific to your individual vehicle's requirements. We will then update your (ECU) with this new data. You will then be rest assured that your vehicle will be performing to its optimum level.

Advantages of Remapping

  • Increase your vehicle's power and torque
  • Improved MPG during normal driving
  • Removal of engine flat spots
  • More responsive engine making driving an even greater pleasure
  • Smoother power delivery for safer overtaking

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